Vehicle axle count for tolling purposes

In many countries classification is based on the number of axles on a vehicle. Vehicles with a biggest number of axles usually can carry heavier loads and, consequently, consume more asphalt  and infrastructure in general. Laser scanner sensors can detect vehicle axles when vehicles are traveling at a very low speed and when it is not raining. 

We also offer another solution with a laser sensor together with two or more photocells. The photocells have to be installed on the ground and allow you to perform a very accurate detection under any climatic conditions.

Photocells are able to count the number of axles and detect if there are double wheels (4 wheels on an axle). Another important feature is that the system can also detect the height of a vehicle over the first axle. This parameter is often used in vehicle classification for tolling as it allows to separate cars from SUV and vans.

This system is a great alternative to the optical barriers (which are quite expensive and require frequent maintenance) or to axle counter systems that have to be installed on the ground.

COMARK solution for vehicle axle counting is LSR2001-AXLE.