Average Speed – Travel Time – Source/Destination

In traffic management it is extremely useful to detect the most traveled routes at the various times of the day and on different days of the week.

Bluetooth and WIFI-based Detection Systems can provide information about routes (sources – destinations), travel times and average speeds of different routes.

Information about travel times is useful not only for road users but also for optimizing the traffic flow (e.g. changing the traffic light timing).

It is also possible to verify how travel times increase because of construction work along the route. The data collected by the sensors can be elaborated and sent to the server in order to be viewed  as reports through tables and charts.

These reports allow you to have a complete overview of the traffic in terms of volume, type and flow of traffic. This information can be used to manage traffic in real time and to improve infrastructure in order to ensure a positive driving experience.

COMARK developed a bluetooth and WIFI detection system (phones or data transmission systems inside traveling vehicles) called BT200, which is non-intrusive and privacy friendly.