Sensore traffico laser - LSR2001






Laser scanning



Bicycle and pedestrian classification

Transit direction


The LSR2001BC detector uses the laser technology to detect bicycles and pedestrians. The emitted laser beam is used to scan on 4 parallel planes at an angle of 96 °. For each plane the sensor detects 274 points and is able to accurately identify the profile of the bicycle or person.

The laser detector is able to:

· Count bicycles and people

· Discriminate between people and bicycles

· Detect the transit direction


In contrast to other more simple counting systems, the sensor  LSR2001BC is very accurate in detecting both the bicycles and pedestrians even if  they transit in group. The sensor  performs continuous scans across the width of the cycle path and is able to discriminate individual bicycle even if very close together.

Another important feature is its ability to distinguish between pedestrians and cyclists analyzing the profile.

The sensor must be installed on a pole at the side of the bike path at a height between 2 to 5 meters. The sensor is equipped with an adjustable bracket which allows the precise orientation.


The detector  has been designed by both the mechanical and the firmware point of view  to work outdoors even with adverse weather conditions. The firmware implements filters for rain and snow.

The sensor is equipped with a CPU that processes the signals received from the scanner to obtain all the data related to transit. The communication with the sensor can be done through Ethernet line. The configuration through the Ethernet line can be carried through the use of  simple and intuitive web pages. 

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