It is essential nowadays to have reliable data to guide decision-making. According to “Evening Standard” London’s Park Lane saw a 337% increase in cycling in July 2020 than in the same month in 2019. But the “winner” is Amsterdam city: 600.000 bicycles for 750.000 inhabitants!

If you want to be a key player in your city and have an accurate and reliable system to help you in planning the future investments on bicycle and pedestrian lanes, COMARK can help you to find the right solution.

LSR2001BC bike count has following advantages:

·       Nonintrusive: the sensor is installed in a pole with an adjustable bracket;

·       Reliable data: accurate data collection even if you have a group of persons cycling very close to each other;

·       Transit data and direction: single device for distinguishing a bicycle from a pedestrian by analyzing the profile; data are provided divided per direction;

·       Easy data collection: measure in real time increasing levels of bicycle traffic – determining where investments in walking and biking are most needed.

COMARK is already supporting cities in their development program for bicycle lane. If you are the one who wants to grant a better future for your city for safer people and safer streets, COMARK is ready to commit itself to support you on the joint project of the bicycle lane.

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