100 km at night along the cycleway Alpe Adria.

Comark is proud to announce its support to the cycling night tour in our Friuli region that will be held on Saturday, July 24th.

The event promoted by WITOOR foresees around 500 bicycles that will leave from the city center of Udine and will ride all night long to reach Ugovizza (20 km far from the Austrian border): 100 kms by night along ALPE ADRIA cycle path. Our Comark team will take part to the ride as our passion for bike never stops!

Comark will contribute to the ride with its bicycle counter sensors already installed along the ALPE ADRIA path – Radweg several years ago and new ones for the event. Comark is happy to support the sustainable mobility, because if we want to be more sustainable – we need to “count” the riders to incentive the use of bike.