You surely have found yourself doing market research to understand what is best to buy.
Often we opt for cheap products, because the budget available is limited, but then the cheapest solution does not always turn out to be the best.
It may seem so at the beginning, but in the long run it emerges that between maintenance, updates, phone calls more has been spent than choosing a less economical but perhaps more functional solution.
What does it mean?
Some types of bikecounters that can be found along the cycle paths provide solutions that go into the asphalt. This means that in the event of problems, in addition to replace the older one, the road surface must also be done, doubling the costs.
It is therefore better to prefer a method defined as NOT INTRUSIVE – that is to say:avoid burying the system.
For this reason, we recommend the use of the counter sensor which must not be buried – it is sufficient to install it on a pole, about 4 meters high (as in the photo). It does not need major maintenance and is simple to assemble.