Bluetooth sensors were developed to detect Bluetooth signals from vehicles travelling on the road and are used to monitor traffic trends. The detection system is completely anonymous, even if it uses the bluetooth of vehicles and smartphones that move along the roads and highways. The data collected is processed to obtain important information such as:

·        Travel time is calculated knowing the distance between two or more units on the network

·        Knowing the distance between two units, the system is then able to calculate the average speed.

·        Data collection

·        Creation of origin and destination matrix

·        Collect traffic trends when construction sites are planned in order to measure the best time to plan the job.

·        Collect travel time between two or more traffic light intersections for dynamic regulation of traffic plans

These applications meet perfectly  the “smart roads” requirements.

Why shall you install Bluetooth sensors instead of using data from Google or other vendors?

Because compared to other technologies, you will be managing your system and controlling your data. In this way you will have a saving; in fact you will not have to pay for the data, that will immediately be of your property.

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