COMARK will supply its PROFILERS in 36 WIM (Weigh in motion) sites in Argentina. The client of the project is DNVDirección Nacional de Vialidad (Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Argentina). This is a 7 million USD project which was won by our local customer and partner.

The project consists in detecting the weight of trucks traveling on the motorway and exceeding the maximum allowed value. All this, without the truck driver being forced to stop.

How it works:The truck driver who will travel on the motorway will find a system of cameras, VMS and related WIM weighing system in a precise point. If the weight of the truck is within the permitted limits, it can continue its journey without stopping, otherwise a message will appear on the VMS inviting the driver to divert to the public weighbridge for further checks. Once the truck driver has reached the public weighbridge, there will be weighing systems that will detect the weight, while the COMARK PROFILERS will detect the height – length and width of the vehicle. The truck must comply with the dimensions and not exceed those permitted by law and the COMARK profilers with their precision also meet this parameter.

The Profiler also provides a signal to a traffic light to manage the movement of vehicles on the weighbridge. The project also includes an anti-evasion system based on cameras, license plate detection and sanctions.

Why was the COMARK Profiler chosen and What advantages does it offer compared to other systems?

The profiler is equipped with 3 laser scanners that work cooperatively. The control units are equipped with a CPU and process the collected information and transmit it to a master and two slaves that process it obtaining the following parameters:

  • Height
  • Width and
  • Length

the result of which is a three-dimensional image (3D file) like the one seen in the photo below.

The system, which, as we have said, is composed of three laser scanners, two of which are installed on the right and left side of a gantry, while the third is placed on a pole or on a second gantry in the front position.

In addition to detecting length, height and width, the profiler is also able to provide parameters such as Vehicle speed and class.