Suppose you are travelling on the highway and you find a wrong way driver

You are traveling on the highway getting back home, listening to your favorite hit and everything seems to go well as usual. What is not usual is the danger next door. A car, in fact, is traveling on the wrong way on the section of motorway you are currently on. The driver of the car manages to change lane and avoid the impact, but what about who comes next?

Unfortunately, this is not an unlikely scenario, but we can give you some advice in case it happens to you: the wrong way drivers usually travel on the right side (or left side for some countries), which means in the fast lane. This is why when you read the message on the display: “wrong way driver”, it is advisable to keep the right lane (or left lane for some countries), do not overtake, if possible take the nearest exit or use the nearest car park or rest area. Once safe, call the emergency number and wait for the all-clear.

However, we at COMARK do not want to read anymore about cars taking the wrong directions and this is why our team has designed and developed the sensor that prevents, detecting immediately the vehicle

from entering the ring road or motorway on the wrong way and experience the scenario above. Not only! We also take care of the people that is travelling on the correct way on their way home as our story’s protagonist.


The sensor MD01 detects in real time:


  • Detect the wrong way vehicle and activates LED displays to stop the driver;
  • The LED displays starts to blink and flash in order to catch driver’s attention;
  • If the driver is careless, a second sensor detects the vehicle that did not stop and sends an alert to the traffic management centre;
  • This system also informs the other vehicles travelling on the motorway or ring road about the danger by sending a message to the traffic management centre and you will find immediately the alert message in the LED displays. The police is also promptly informed about the danger.


We, at COMARK don’t want to read any more about further wrong way drivers and therefore we put at your disposal all our experience to prevent and avoid the above scenarios. If you are also interested in decreasing those kind of accidents, then please send us an email to: or call us at +39 0432 882105

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