Adina Valean (UE Transport Commissioner) stated that: “Real-time traffic data is a prerequisite for improving our mobility – this data will help transport across the EU to become smoother, smarter and more sustainable.” The European Commission has implemented the existing rules related to real-time traffic data across the EU. The new rules will be applied starting from January 2025 and the obligation has been extended to regional and urban roads.
If European countries want to avoid penalties, they have three years’ time to comply with the rules. The big issue is: There are plenty of systems and solutions available in the market, but how to choose the correct one? 
The video below shows you how COMARK’S system works.
LSR2001 Counting and classification system will give you following data:
Classifying the vehicles in more than 20 classes
Detecting the lane
Detecting the direction
And much more. All in real time
Watch the video
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