COMARK has installed Nr. 20 LSR2001 DOUBLE for freeflow system application – on the Bangkok highway in Thailand.

The FREEFLOW system is expanding more and more on motorways, replacing traditional toll systems. In this way, the driver will no longer be required to stop and pay the amount due, avoiding long queues at the toll stations.

For this reason, the highways are replacing all the barriers that slow down the traffic, opting for “free flow” systems.

This is what happened in Thailand, specifically in Bangkok where the customer used various counting and classification systems by a very careful audit before deciding which technology would be used on their gantries to make the motorway flow.

The data provided on counting and classification exceeded expectations, promoting the LSR2001 DOUBLE system as the best choice for counting and classifying.

What advantages does LRS2001 DOUBLE offer compared to other systems and why Thailand preferred COMARK.

It should be borne in mind that when traveling on the motorway, the cars do not follow a precise path, but sometimes they travel in two lanes at the same time (on the center line), or even overtaking under the gantries. Or in the event of accidents where traffic stops, the sensors must be able to count and classify even in the event of queues, of Stop & Go where vehicles are forced to stop and re-start again and lay very close to each other. The sensor detects cars and classifies them even in these more complex situations, something that, other technologies are hardly able to detect.

Precision and high accuracy are two other strong points of the system that have fully convinced and satisfied the Thai highways.

In the specific case of the Thai project, the request stopped at COUNTING and CLASSIFICATION, but the LSR2001DOUBLE sensor is also able to provide the following data:

  • Speed
  • Length
  • Height
  • Traffic status

The system is usually installed on gantries in order to detect vehicles on multiple lanes.