After the successful installation of MAXPEOPLE at the store SME located in Udine – Italy, the General Manager has taken the decision to buy MAXPEOPLE for all the stores chain.

MAXPEOPLE has been installed at the entrance and at the exit of the stores. In this way you come to know in real time the number of people entering the store. If the total capacity is exceeded, the system stops immediately the entrance of the people by displaying a message on the monitor.

The decision taken by SME’s General Manager of buying the counter people for all the stores shows great sensitivity towards people safety and the full compliance with the actual governmental law.

MAXPEOPLE is a system that allows you to:

  • Collect accurate data. You will immediately survey the number of people that attend your store in that specific day and time, in that week, month or year. You will get in real time a chart with all the survey data analyses.
  • Check the entrance and exit. You always have the situation under control.
  • In compliance with data protection.
  • The data will help you to take future decisions in terms of actions or promotions to attract more customers.
  • Shift work schedules to determine the manpower needed during peak times.
  • Having under control all your stores on centralized basis by simply using an internet connection.

The stores chain SME has taken a forefront decision always keeping in mind customers safety. If safety, compliance with rules and regulations, data collection and surveys are important for you, please contact us at: or call us at: +39 – 0432 – 882105.

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