Wrong-way Driving Detection

Vehicles driving the wrong way along a street or motorway are extremely dangerous because they can cause very serious accidents. You might think that these are rare events but it actually happens quite often; in Italy alone, several wrong-way accidents occur every year. The reasons could be: drowsiness, inattention, use of alcohol or drugs, unclear road signage, tourists that are used to drive on the opposite side of the road in their country.

An automatic system that detects the wrong-way driving is very effective to warn  the driver about his mistake.

Furthermore, the system may also notify right-way drivers of the upcoming danger.

The automatic wrong-way detection system is usually composed of the following components:

-a sensor, which has to be installed on the road side and is able to detect the vehicle travel direction.

-flashing LED displays or variable message signs which are activated by the sensor.

Veicolo in senso contrarioo

In this way, drivers are able to realize their mistake and stop driving. 

In some applications, the system is composed of two sensors: the first one activates the LED displays to stop vehicles; the second one, which is located after the displays, detects vehicles that did not stop and sends an alert to the central unit. After that, police or traffic  wardens issue an alert and take action.

COMARK has designed and produced many systems, both in Italy and in the world, which are based on the doppler radar sensor  MD01.