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Automatic access control system

LSR-MAXPEOPLE automatic access control system controls the number of people inside public or private places such as shops, supermarkets, gyms, etc.

Once the maximum number of people, who can access the place has been set, the system will automatically count the entrances and exits of people and allow the entry of people until reaching the maximum capacity. A display with customizable graphics can show the number of people inside or write text such as “Go – Wait”.

The access control system can also manage sounds and alarms. If an entrance is detected despite being asked to “Wait”, the system can generate an audible alarm on the display or at a terminal.

Multiple sensors and monitors for different entrances and exits

A big advantage of the system is that it is possible to use sensors on multiple entry and exit gates in order to have the count of people inside even if people do not enter and exit the same gate.

The sensor is based on laser scanner technology which guarantees good counting precision and good immunity to disturbances such as sudden light changes.

Each sensor is able to detect the transit direction which can be configured in the system as an entrance or exit.

Sensors can distinguish between children and adults and filter shopping carts, strollers or animals.

Two systems in one: people counting and “digital signage”

The LSR-MAXPEOPLE system has the advantage that it can be useful not only as a control system for entrances but also for:

· have statistics on access to the room at different times of the day and year

· use the monitor as a “digital signage” or to display general information (opening hours or other) or advertising on the monitor

The system is able to store data on accesses and exits in order to allow data analysis at any time.

Customizable system with monitors of different sizes and LED displays for outdoor use

The size of the monitor to be used can be customized according to the customer’s needs and the place of installation. The monitor can be installed on a floor stand or on a wall.

The monitor can also be used in outdoor areas if covered by a canopy and not in the sun. Alternatively, we offer a LED display that allows you to write “Go” and “Stop”

Control and configuration through PC or Smartphone

The system can be easily controlled and configured from PC, tablet and smartphone. For example, it is possible to manually block the access if necessary.

System components

The system is composed by:

· LSR-People people counting

· Control unit with software for the access control

· Display TFT or LED depending on the installation site



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