Web based



Vehicle occupancy detection


The supervision system is designed to manage and control the settings of all devices, such as units and sensors. It also saves collected data into a database.

Software technology

The supervision system is a “web-based” software to ensure a high flexibility of usage. It can be used with a simple web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Authentication, users and devices management

To access the supervision system, the user is required to authenticate himself by typing a user name and a password. The system administrator can grant privileges to users, to let them check data about all or just a part of the stations.

Units and parking sensors configuration

The supervision system is able to send configuration settings to units and sensors. For example, it’s possible to set the car park capacity and threshold values to report the car park state as full or empty.

Units and sensors status and diagnostics

Status and malfunctions of unit and sensors can be easily noticed by checking the web page that reports all device working status. Malfunctions are highlighted with yellow lights and faults or communication failure are highlighted with red lights.



Real time car park occupancy displaying

Data detected by parking sensors are shown in real time on a summary web page that allows to check the status of every single park lot. It’s even possible to update the amount of occupied or free park lots of the car park.

Saving data

All data received are saved in a database. Most relevant data are:

-Time and date of data receiving

-Unit and sensor identification code

-Number of empty/occupied lots

-Number of incoming/outgoing vehicles

-Car park status (empty or full)

-Manual update of occupancy data


Data displaying

Saved data can be displayed both in graphical and tabular form by a web page, where it’s possible to select several parameters so that just required information are shown. For example it’s possible to display the occupancy of car park graph during different hours of the day. Data can also be exported to “csv” and “excel” files.


The supervision software even allows to send the number of empty car park lots to displays