Parking protection






Comark Parking Space Protection is a remote controlled system that differs from other solutions due to its strength and fully automatic mechanism.

Comark has two models available: with or without solar pannel and both models are powered with long life buffer batteries.

The PSP10 can be supplied with a remote control or, for bigger areas such as private hotel’s parking, the system can be supplied with an app and related software that allows the end user booking in advance a parking area.

What is the perfect way to ensure that your spaces are reserved for those who should be parking?

The Parking Protection can be installed in the parking areas of hotels, restaurants, or of any kind of private area. The system is user friendly and easy to install. It does not require any special tool.

The Parking Protection can be installed for example in a hotel parking area and as soon as the guest arrives, the parking slot will be immediately available. The operator using a special software is able to send a message to the customer. The customer just needs to download the application (iOS or Android) and when close to the parking, he will just need to activate the Parking Space.

The customers will enjoy the journey, without having to worry about remembering or entering a registration number.

The system has been designed to keep the power consumption very low but with very high autonomy.

The device is in stainless steel and reinforced alluminium, therefore it is resistant to any weather condition.

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