Over-Height Vehicle Detection for Warning Drivers (OHVD)

Collision of Over-height vehicles with bridges and tunnels occur with high frequency. Many structures were built at a time when there was less traffic on the roads and roadways. These older bridges are now considered at a risk of vehicular strikes due to low clearance height.

A bridge or tunnel strike is an incident in which a vehicle, typically a lorry or a truck (even vehicle cranes, over-sized loads) try to pass under a bridge or tunnel that is lower than its height, subsequently colliding with the structure.

Bridge and tunnel strikes are a reoccurring event costing thousands of Euros in repairs, maintenance and inspection costs. They create enormous damage and represent a real danger to road safety. For example, a vehicle that gets stuck under a bridge affects the traffic flow in a very bad way since it can close one or more lanes until it gets removed.

Just think about last time when a bridge has been affected when an over height vehicle crashed into a structural element. Waiting time for tow truck coming; traffic stopped; insurance company calculating the damages; repair costs to be added in your yearly budget; just to mention some of the headaches you will face. This scenario emphasizes the urgent need to implement preventive detection measures.

Other disruptions caused by bridge strikes and collisions are:

Traffic congestion

Delays across roads

Therefore, COMARK has developed several solutions of Overheight Vehicle Detection Systems that alert drivers to maximum height limit to avoid collisions with infrastructure such as:




Over-sized Detection Systems are much less expensive than restoring infrastructure and, above all, help to prevent all these issues.

They work in a very simple way: when the sensor detects that a vehicle is higher than the infrastructure, it sends an alarm to alert the driver that must stop or take the first exit to prevent him from hitting the obstacle.

Among the solutions that COMARK proposes, the customer can find following options:





The system is mounted on the side of the road in advance of the low structure, transmitting the beams over the road. When a Over height vehicle breaks the beam, a warning system is activated.The sensors detects vehicles travelling at low or high speeds.

Some models can determine the traffic direction on several lanes.

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Over - height
Bridge or truck strike try to pass under a bridge that is lower than its height