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Over height detection

Direction of Travel


RAM20 is a Laser Scanner sensor that has been developed to detect overheight vehicles.

RAM20 is based on 4 planes laser scanner. The 4 planes create a wide detection area avoiding false alarms.

An internal CPU processes the signals received by the head of the laser in order to get all the data related to the overheight vehicle. The laser scanner has an internal heating system to avoid condensation on the optical lens.

RAM 20 is also able to provide the lane in which the overheight vehicle is travelling and operates under night and day conditions.

RAM 20 can also detect overheight vehicles on two (2) lanes. In case, of 4 lanes roads, it is possible to install two RAM 20 systems, one on each side of the road to cover all the 4 lanes.

This system is generally installed on roads close to bridges, tunnels or other structure to be safeguarded.

Compared to the standard systems based on photocells with transmitter and receiver, it has the advantage of easy installation because the laser and the control unit are placed on the same pole. Moreover it is not necessary to collimate the transmitter and receiver but only to properly install the detector on the horizontal or vertical plane.

The control unit is composed by an outdoor cabinet which includes:

  • a power supply
  • a CPU
  • a communication unit.


RAM20 provides alarms in different ways when an over height vehicle is detected: relay contact; digital output; software event (protocol).


The detector must be installed with the scanning planes in horizontal position exactly at the threshold height.

RAM20, installed on the side of the road, can detect overheight vehicles on 2 lanes. For a 4 lane road it is possible to install two RAM20 systems, one on each side of the road.


It is also possible to combine the laser detection with a variable message sign (VMS) to inform the driver about the potential danger.

The VMS can be installed at the side of the road in a pole positioned approximately 100 m. after RAM20.

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