Traffic monitoring

Traffic monitoring systems are spreading very fast across Europe and the world. The need for monitoring traffic flows arises from the necessity to manage the traffic system and to create a statistical database to study the use of the road infrastructure.

For both reasons it is very important to classify vehicles because every vehicle class (motorbike, car, van, heavy-duty vehicle, etc.) affects the traffic flow in a different way (i.e. consumption of the infrastructure, etc).

The data collected by the sensors are processed and sent to the server. In this way they can be viewed through reports, tables and charts. These reports allow you to have a complete overview of the traffic system as regards volume, type and flow of traffic. Information can be used to manage the traffic in realtime and to study it to fix and improve infrastructure.


Through traffic monitoring systems it is possible to collect relevant information about traffic volume, type of vehicles, speed, road occupancy and traffic status (road congestion, slow traffic, free-flowing traffic, etc.). Traffic detailed data for different times of day enable you to better understand and improve the traffic flow in urban centres, roads and motorways.

COMARK is able to provide complete solutions for traffic monitoring systems including sensors, control units for data collection and servers with data analysis softwares.

More specifically, COMARK offers a broad portfolio of sensors based on different technologies that cover different needs in terms of accuracy, collected data and price.