Vehicle classification for toll collection systems

Laser scanner sensors are increasingly used in toll applications thanks to their high accuracy in vehicle counting and classification.

In some applications laser sensors are mainly used to detect vehicle presence at a toll plaza. They also provide the following information: 

  • Trigger di inizio veicolo
  • Trigger di fine veicolo
  • Occupancy time
Laser scanner sensors are able to detect the connections between vehicles and trailers and therefore they can classify them as a unique vehicle.

Another great feature is that they are able to “separate” two vehicles even when they are traveling very close to each other (20 cm are enough for them to be detected)

Contrary to inductive loops, laser scanner sensors can detect all kinds of vehicles (even motorcycles made of aluminium);  furthermore, they are installed above the ground and require significantly less maintenance.

Thanks to a very accurate vehicle classification, these sensors are used for tolling purposes.

COMARK most recommended sensors for this kind of applications are LSR2001 e RSR4001.