BIKECOUNT200 – Sensor and Display for Bike Counter




Totem Display




Yearly transits

Daily transits

Data per direction (double faced display)

Bike transits
Pedestrian transits
E-scooters transits


The BIKECOUNT200 totem displays the data collected by the sensor LSR2001BC.  

The totem consists of a structure in powder-coated extruded aluminum and polycarbonate surfaces on which the reflective film with screen printing is applied.


The standard version of the totem includes a variable message area with white LED technology capable of displaying two lines of data (for example, annual transits and daily transits).


The electronic parts for managing the display, the CPU for communicating with the sensor and the control center, are placed inside the totem. A 3G / 4G router is integrated for communication with the control center.

At the control center it will be possible to check the statistical data on the transits and the diagnostics of the various totems installed.

Bike counter

The installation of the totem takes place through the creation of an underground plinth with approximate dimensions of 100 x 120 x 40 cm. on which the supplied log bolts are drowned. The totem is placed on the plinth and fixed by bolts to the log bolts of the plinth.

On the upper part of the totem a pole of about 1.5 meters can be fixed on which it is possible to fix the counter sensor.

Customizable layout

It is possible to customize the layout of the totem both on the screen printing part, with specific writings and images, and on the the display part. It is in fact possible to add additional variable message areas where to write, for example, information to users.

Furthermore, the totem can be produced in both single-sided and double-sided versions, that is, with screen printing and variable message area visible from both directions.

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