Comark participates with its stand at the most important international trade fair for traffic management and parking, Intertraffic Amsterdam.

Comark exhibits its range of sensors for the detection of vehicles with Laser scanner, radar, ultrasound and bluetooth technology. Used in international ITS and toll applications, COMARK sensors represent the state of the art for vehicle and traffic detection.

Laser scanner sensors generate high-precision three-dimensional images of passing vehicles. Artificial Intelligence algorithms analyze vehicle profiles and are able to classify them into more than twenty classes.

In addition, the new wireless system for detecting parking spaces will be presented. The system consists of gateways that communicate with a multitude of sensors. The sensors, based on magnetic technology for detecting the presence of vehicles and LoRa for communication, can communicate with the gateway up to a distance of 150 m. The LoRa technology, born for the IoT, allows to reach communication distances much higher than the previous technologies.

Some of the sensors that will be exposed are:

Laser scanner sensors for vehicle counting and classification
Doppler radar sensors for vehicle speed counting and tracking
Triple technology sensors that integrate ultrasound, infrared and radar technologies into a single sensor
Bluetooth and WIFI sensors for the calculation of travel times, average speed and origin / destination matrices
Laser scanner sensors for detecting bicycles and pedestrians on cycle paths
Wireless sensors for parking lots for counting available parking spaces